wp-digital-transformation-trends In the 1990s, companies leveraged two or three tightly integrated large-scale systems. In the first decade of the 2000s, organizations were using many applications that were difficult to integrate and manage. As we enter the 3rd decade, it is critical that we reflect on the digital transformation trends of the end of the 2nd decade, as to not repeat prior mistakes.

Digital transformation is more than the technology we leverage, it is a cultural shift that elevates technology into daily use. IT experts suggest that businesses will continue to integrate and meld technology until the perfect intelligent “digital mesh” transforms both the people and the processes. While this may seem like a difficult concept to grasps, it is important because these trends solidified 2019 and will continue to prove relevance in 2020. This is why we have created a white paper that provides:

  • Brief Overview of Digital Transformation
  • 3 Digital Disruptors of 2019
  • Industry Specific Tech Trends
  • Importance of Migrating and Securing Transformation
  • Overview of Cloud, Hosting, and Digital Security Threats of 2019
  • The Next Steps in Business Transformation

Because Synoptek is your global systems integrator, we make efforts to ensure that your business is informed of the trends of the past, present, and future.

Get informed of the tech trends that drove transformation in 2019 by downloading our white paper.

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