The technology landscape is changing to accommodate the evolving demands of the customers, who want the best quality software in the shortest possible time – and well within their budget. This expectation has created a lot of pressure on the software development teams to constantly find feasible means to shrink the software delivery time and reduce the delivery cost further without compromising on the quality.
Despite painstaking efforts in trying to meet customer demands, many teams fail to drive value and stand the risk of being washed away by competition.

While it may seem impossible to achieve all the three goals – high quality, low cost, speed delivery – together, by embracing DevOps to introduce systemic collaboration in the software development ecosystem, enterprises stand a high chance of achieving success.

By bridging the gap between operations and development teams, DevOps aims to fuel resource productivity and business agility.

This white paper covers:

  • What exactly DevOps is
  • Why DevOps is so important in today’s digital era
  • Key components of a successful DevOps strategy