With so many ERP solutions in the market today, choosing the right ERP for your business can be an overwhelming task. While many companies feel that any ERP could work, this is far from the truth.

Unless your organization chooses the ERP best suited for its need and existing setup, the transformational that's expected to be brought about by the ERP would be lost in the chaos. In this webinar, our ERP champions, help you make the right decision while choosing from Microsoft Business Central, Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations, or Dynamics 365 Supply Chain.

Our experts will take a deep dive into the functionalities and costs of each ERP while focusing on when to choose one system over the other.

In this webinar,  hear from Synoptek's Dynamics Experts as they discuss:

  • Why ERPs are Important for Businesses of All Sizes
  • Overview of Microsoft ERPs
  • How to Choose the Right ERP for Your Enterprise
  • Synoptek’s ERP Implementation Process 
  • Synoptek’s ERP Envisioning Assessment