With the number and magnitude of security incidents ballooning, there is a pressing need for organizations to create a culture of cybersecurity, build awareness, and train users to become the champions for cyber safety.

Forrester’s Predictions 2022: Cybersecurity, Risk, And Privacy report reveals that 55% of security professionals reported their organization experienced an incident or breach in the past 12 months. Evaluating (and advancing) the current level of cybersecurity plays a huge role in helping organizations decide when and where to start their cybersecurity journey.

This webinar covered how conversations and practices around Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance will evolve in 2022. Synoptek’s VP - Business Infrastructure Solutions Management, Eric Westrom and Chief Information Security Officer, Chris Gebhardt, also discussed:

  • Cybersecurity, Privacy, and Compliance: What’s Changed in the Post-pandemic World
  • Scenario/Case Discussion: Cybersecurity Adoption by an Enterprise (the process and the results)
  • Introduction to Synoptek SECURES Maturity Model and the Key Controls an Organization Needs to be Truly Secure
  • Introduction to Synoptek SECURES Assessment