While continuous application management is difficult with limited in-house talent, non-maintenance of applications leads to more significant problems such as apps instability, compliance issues, performance and reliability issues, SEO challenges, and serious security concerns. According to an RSA report, 80% of mobile frauds come from mobile apps.

As application maintenance becomes increasingly crucial from performance, delivery, and cybersecurity perspectives, you’ll need experts to help you make the most out of your legacy applications.

In this webinar, our Application Development experts will discuss:
  • Challenges with Managing Mission-Critical Applications and Best Practices for Successful Application Upgrade & Maintenance

  • Why Organisations Hesitate to Modify Their Applications and Tangible/Intangible Loss of Not Maintaining the Applications

  • About Synoptek’s Application Service Management Platform and Why Partner with an MSP for Application Support & Maintenance

  • Key Benefits of Application Upgrade & Maintenance