Attorneys not only need to meet their billable hours target, they also want to increase their billable hours. However, most also look to have a decent work/life balance. They don’t want to spend long hours at work to do all their jobs; they want to be able to work at home before and after work as well as on the weekend. They even want to work while commuting to and from the office.

To meet the needs of the modern, digital workforce, law firms can benefit greatly by designing a robust BYOD policy. With so many choices today, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, notebooks and more, a BYOD policy can enable employees to carry out their tasks using the device of their choice.

Read this white paper to learn about:

  • Why law firms need to enable BYOD
  • The many benefits a BYOD strategy can bring to their busines
  • How to effectively plan for BYOD initiative
  • Top considerations for developing a BYOD program