Software has become synonymous with innovation: innovative software is a great source of value to the customer, and for many organizations, it is what sets them apart from competition.

So, what prevents companies from driving innovation in their software product development? For example, do barriers emerge from globalization or do legacy systems and infrastructure issues restrict organizations from achieving the desired outcomes?

DevOps might just be the answer to all your problems. It focuses on agile, continuous iterations, and helps in optimizing software quality, and also ensuring faster delivery.

“The debate is over. There are only two options – implement DevOps or lose to your competition that does. Do not go ask for permission; just do the right thing for your company.”

~ Donovan Brown

Let’s take a look at what this eBook has in store for you:

  • What DevOps is
  • The approach and why it is important for organizations to embrace DevOps
  • How DevOps helps solve key product development challenges
  • Measuring DevOps success throughout the lifecycle
  • Synoptek’s DevOps implementation framework
  • How software firms benefit from implementing DevOps