The mounting volume of big data, adoption of cloud-based applications and services, and an increase in demand for intelligent virtual assistants are fueling the growth of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

With the market expected to reach $3.9 trillion in 2022, companies small and large are looking to make the most of AI’s computing power including its ability to collect and analyze big data and capabilities across real-time speech translation, autonomous robots, and facial analysis.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform is now integrated with all new AI-centric capabilities. With new features for existing applications as well as an array of new applications that have been enhanced with AI, Dynamics 365 aims to give every department, team, and individual user the independence to use intelligent tools, solve problems, and make decisions on their own.

This white paper will provide insights on:

  • What Dynamics 365 AI is all about
  • The different AI solutions it offers
  • The benefits it brings to organizations
  • How organizations can empower their sales teams with Dynamics 365 AI