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Microsoft Dynamics 365 for the Wire and Cable Industry

The Wire and Cable industry experiences uncertain times that offer both opportunities and challenges.

On one hand, there are opportunities such as the rollout of 5G technology, investments in FTTH networks, sustainable energy projects (solar and wind energy), and the upgrade of electricity grids to deal with current production and consumption patterns.

On the other hand, there are challenges as many cable end-use sectors suffer due to the COVID-crisis. With automotive manufacturers temporarily shutting plants, construction projects delayed, and industrial activities slowing down, cable demand is certainly affected.

There is one thing the Wire and Cable industry can be sure of: there will be continuous change.

That’s why wire and cable companies, both manufacturers and distributors, need to be able to quickly adapt to an ever-changing business environment.

The Need for a specific WIRE AND CABLE ERP System

The modern cloud-based enterprise solution Microsoft Dynamics 365 is designed to be flexible and easy to use. It is the platform to seamlessly collect and process information from across the enterprise and empower key decision-makers to respond to changing business environments with agility. It’s the technology that wire and cable manufacturers and distributors need to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

However, the business processes in the Wire and Cable industry, as a semi-process industry, have some unique characteristics that standard ERP solutions don’t recognize. It means that Wire and Cable companies have a set of distinctive requirements that standard ERP solutions cannot fulfill. As a result, Wire and Cable companies generally end up with application silos next to ERP systems that rarely integrate and are expensive to maintain.

CableERP on Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers Wire and Cable companies the innovative ERP technology that understands their business. It’s a single integrated ERP solution that allows Wire and Cable manufacturers and distributors to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction by, meeting their cable requirements better and faster
  • Reduce working capital and material losses, by optimizing for length in logistics and production
  • Become easier to do business with, by making the supply chain more transparent and length-aware
  • Become efficient in packaging with full drum and reel management
  • Become more agile with reliable product data available online throughout the company
  • Reduce the risk of material price volatility with comprehensive non-ferrous metals module
  • Reduce material losses through optimizes length allocation and cutting management
  • Optimize production output with length-based production planning and scheduling
  • Connect all business processes with standard integrations to CableBuilder and CableMES
  • Transform into Smart Cable Factories and Distribution Centers using ever-green cloud technology from Microsoft


Synoptek is a Microsoft Gold Partner, offering Wire and Cable Manufacturers and Distributors Dynamics 365 Consulting, Dynamics Implementation, and Dynamics Support Services, all geared to your unique industry requirements.

Our dedicated industry solution approach provides critical insights to address the specific challenges, which are generally not supported by standard ERP solutions.

Our Dynamics 365 Services for the Wire and Cable industry include:


Synoptek partners with InnoVites, an Independent Software Vendor that develops business solutions exclusively for the Wire and Cable industry. InnoVites offers the CableSuite that consists of the following three integrated software solutions:

With InnoVites industry expertise and our Microsoft Dynamics expertise, we are offering a complete Enterprise Software Solution for the Wire and Cable Industry.

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