Not sure if your existing Dynamics AX system needs an upgrade? Take Synoptek's 2-day Dynamics 365 Envisioning Assessment and find out.

Leverage Synoptek’s certified Dynamics 365 experts to identify the next steps for the upgrade.

Our 2-day virtual assessment will help you cover the first two stages of the upgrade: evaluation and analysis and provide a personalized up-gradation roadmap. Synoptek will also help you review your current licenses and provide estimates for corresponding licenses in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.

Assessment Requisites:

  1. Know the current version of Dynamics AX
  2. Know the current ISVs
  3. Implementation in multi-locations/countries?
  4. Why looking for an upgrade? How will upgrading impact your existing infrastructure?

Agenda for Synoptek’s Dynamics 365 Envisioning Assessment 

Day 1: Functional Assessment

  • Meet with the executive and leadership team virtually to discuss business objectives and vision for the upgrade
  • Understand the current pain areas from the leadership team
  • Virtual meet with the functional SMEs to understand the business processes implemented
  • Understand the current infrastructure and implementation as well as discuss major customizations/integrations
  • Review high-level business and reporting objectives

Day 2:

  • Discuss the various ISVs involved
  • Discuss the current licensing
  • Discuss with SMEs about the possible future features


With our 2-day envisioning assessment, we will evaluate your existing AS-IS technical environment and provide an intermediate TO-BE environment post Dynamics 365 upgrade. We will also provide a detailed upgrade plan including:

  • Recommendation on the upgrade vs re-implementation
  • Possible roadmap and next steps
  • License transformation guide
  • High-level understanding of the licenses
  • Discuss overall viability of Dynamics 365 upgrade for your business

We are providing a 50% discount off on the total cost of this ‘Envisioning Assessment’. Fill out the form and let our certified Dynamics 365 experts identify the next steps for the upgrade.

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