Darktrace IoT Security

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Internet of Things devices already outnumber the human beings who use them, with everything from app-controlled thermostats to smart city sensors making their way into networks around the world. Yet amidst the rush to create more IoT appliances, most manufacturers fail to address security concerns. Ultimately, these nontraditional devices have antiquated the traditional rules and signatures-based approach to cyber defense. Sophisticated attackers are increasingly targeting the IoT with never-before-seen attacks, bypassing the perimeter at its weakest points.

As a fundamentally unique approach to securing the IoT, Darktrace’s Enterprise Immune System does not predefine threatening behavior with rules and signatures, nor is its protection confined to the perimeter. Rather, Darktrace leverages AI to learn the normal ‘pattern of life’ of every IoT device that it protects, enabling it to spot the subtly anomalous behavior indicative of an attack. And upon detecting a significant threat, the Enterprise Immune System’s cyber AI response tool, Darktrace Antigena, autonomously neutralizes the threat within seconds — wherever it originates.


Drew Williams, CISO and Director of Security - Synoptek 
David Masson, Director of Enterprise Cyber Security – Darktrace

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Where cyber-criminals have found vulnerabilities in the Internet of Things
  • Why off-the-shelf security tools struggle to safeguard nontraditional IT
  • How the Enterprise Immune System detects never-before-seen IoT attacks
  • What gaining 100% visibility across the digital infrastructure can reveal about your organization’s security blind spots